The chronic and perpetual case of amnesia among the electorate and elected officials in Nigeria has become a norm that would not …

"> The chronic and perpetual case of amnesia among the electorate and elected officials in Nigeria has become a norm that would not …


Amnesia: The Classic Case of Nigeria’s Electorate

By Editorial Board
April 4, 2022, 10:37 a.m.

File image illustrating Dissociative Amnesia;

The chronic and perpetual case of amnesia among the electorate and elected officials in Nigeria has become a norm that would not disappear any time soon. I advocate though, come 2023 this norm should be kicked out of the window and permanently kept out for the sake of the generation yet unborn.

Politicians in this country have come to the stage where they think every member of the electorate is either myopic or maybe has a severe case of forgetfulness that he/she tends not to remember things said to them during the electioneering period. Promises are made to the common man/woman by those we put our faith in to improve our lives and those of our children, but once they acquire those votes, those who were elected by their constituents in the various states across the country to represent the in the FCT, pick up Permanent Residency in Abuja and the constituents are never remembered. The promises made...those were mere rhetoric, also gone with the wind. My question is, what has happened to “doing the right thing?” What does it take to do the right thing and get blessings from the Supreme Being?

The last time I checked, most Nigerians could easily be pleased…most of us just need a stick of candy and do not really care what happens to the rest of the candy in the carton insofar as the “desire” for candy is immediately taken care of. Our politicians are so tight-fisted that they cannot even let go of the little that belongs to the masses and hang on to what they claim is theirs by virtue of the fact that they had paid heavily for the purchase of tickets to contest in these elections. If our politicians know that they can always be voted out of office if they underperform, I reckon they will sit up and do the right thing for their constituents.

What is it with deceiving people with cups of rice when elections are around the corner? The country is experiencing an acute hunger crisis; taking advantage of this pathetic situation by pretending to feed the poor is evil and condemnable in the eyes of all that is considered holy. I am not a religious person, but I believe in the existence of Karma…what goes around comes around. Everyone will surely give an account of his/her deeds someday.

My Proposal:

First, we need brand new members in the Senate and House of Representatives for these ones, in my opinion, have lived below expectations, therefore, betraying the trust their constituents put in them. Let us exercise our civil rights by doing something unprecedented since the restoration of democracy in 1999 – vote them all out.

Second, fresh blood, preferably someone who has no connections with the current crop of politicians for the fruit does not fall very far from the tree. Who says that a young politician who is yet to come to the limelight cannot be effective/efficient in governance?

Third, any politician who defects from one party to another clearly lacks ideology and it is obvious that he/she is solely chasing after his/her personal interests…such a politician should be made to re-contest under his/her “new-found” party. If he/she immerges victorious, it will be glaring that it is the will of the people. I think that a politician who criss-crosses among political parties is blatantly displaying some elements of ineptitude and should not be taken seriously.

Fourth, the constitution of the Federal Republic should be amended to prevent these defectors from chasing their personal interests (this is wishful thinking on my \part and on the part of Nigerians who wish this country well).

Finally, as the electorate, we can do better. There are more voters and less of voted. Let us refrain from being satisfied with mediocrity and uncaring leaders. Let us vote right come 2023, if not for us, let us vote right for our children.  Let us vote right for our generations yet unborn. Let us vote right so that posterity will not ask us questions when our time comes. If this country continues this way, our children have no future. I weep for the current state of this country. God help us!

Mr. Larry Akpan (Teacher and Private School Consultant, FCT)


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